Artist Bio—Amy Syverson

Meet Amy Syverson

Amy Syverson, also known as Fat Cat Artistry on Facebook, is a traditional and digital artist specializing in painting, drawing, sculpture, digital media and all other matters of mediums. She attended Washington County Technical High School for Multimedia and Graphic Design, and is primarily self taught on most traditional and non traditional media.
Loving the art of experimentation in design, she aspires to learn new techniques both through independent exploration and outsourcing through other creators in her community. Her main goal is to bring both  beauty and functionality to her designs she creates for KMB Farms: Allowing both the purveyor and artist to create a unique connection through each individual piece. 

“I am happy to bring my unique brand into the world through this new medium. I plan to make each gourd an example and piece of my imagination: and I absolutely love i am getting to share this part of me with others through these creations .”

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