Merry Christmas 2019!!

Kathie and I want wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy start to a new decade. We at KMB Farms hope that 2020 brings great things for everyone. We thought this would also be a good time to introduce a few of the star KMB Farms employees!

Meet Abby and Greta! Abby (the one in the front) is our Chief of Security at KMB Farms, thanks to her 24/7 can do attitude we are never surprised by a mailman, package delivery, or car door within a mile of the house. She is well known in the local wildlife community, the raccoon clan will be telling stories about her for years to come.

C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\KMB farms\pics\abby.jpg

We adopted Abbie as a puppy roughly 9 years ago, you couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend.

Introducing Gretta, the newest member of the team. Gretta is the garlic patch patrol specialist at KMB Farms. Thanks to her unwavering dedication nothing has ventured into the garlic fields. (We don’t have the heart to tell her nothing really wants to go into the garlic fields).

C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\KMB farms\pics\Gretta.jpg

Gretta joined the team roughly a year ago on her 1 year birthday. She has proven to be a loving lap dog!

Last but certainly not least is Callie. Callie is our Customer Care Representative at KMB Farms. Concierge if you will, she has never met a person she couldn’t sucker out of a pet or two. She also holds the job of garlic planting inspection. Dedicated as always, she will be right there by your side, or at least in the spot you want to plant next, offering encouragement and letting you know a good way to take a break is to give her a pet.

C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\KMB farms\pics\callie.jpg

Callie joined the team roughly 6 years ago as a one year old. She is the most loving friend one could ask for.

Kathie and I have provided a new home to many dogs and a few cats over the years. In our opinion nothing can compare to the personalities, and antics of a dog once it has discovered it is in its new forever home. As you celebrate the holidays with friends and family, two legged or four, please consider donating to local organizations that help home otherwise unwanted furry friend. If you have reached a point in life where you are ready for a fuzzy house mate, please look at the old ones, the ugly ones, the shy ones, they often are the best ones in disguise.  As always, thanks for checking in and following us, and remember, be a good neighbor.