“Face Up” Clay Facial Soap

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Created with Purple Brazilian Clay, which is known for drawing out impurities and for making a bar that glides across your skin. This luxurious, hand-crafted bar is suitable for more than just your face! It’s a little bit of paradise and scented with soothing Lavender Essential Oil.  

Benefits of Purple Brazilian Clay

Clays are natural colorants. Clay works to remove impurities, and reduce oiliness. Purple Brazilian clay gets its color from the magnesium found in it. Magnesium may help with keeping skin cells healthy.

KMB Farms “Face Up” Clay Facial Soap

We at KMB Farms make our soaps in small batches using responsibly sourced ingredients. We strive use ingredients that have promising benefits.  Our Face Up Clay Soap is made with the following all natural ingredients;

Lard- Anecdotal evidence suggests Lard is good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tones the skin, and reduces dryness.

Sweet Almond- Sweet Almond Oil contains vitamin E, A monosaturated fatty acids, protein potassium and zinc. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that may help your skins collagen layer. The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture

Coconut Oil– Studies have shown that Coconut Oil may kill harmful microorganisms on the skin, reduce inflammation, have benefits for acne, and work as a moisturizer. In cold process soap, it creates a harder bar and helps produce more lather.

Castor Oil- There is limited research on the use of Castor Oil on the skin, however anecdotal evidence claims anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and cleansing properties 

Purple Brazilian Clay- for color and silky feel

Lavender Essential Oil – Scientific Studies, folk wisdom and anecdotal evidence suggest Lavender has a wide range of benefits. Lavender Oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies have shown promise that Lavender Oil may help in fighting fungal-resistant infections. There have been studies showing Lavender aids in wound healing. Looking back in history Lavender has been used in folk remedies’ for ages. Used for scent, Lavender Essential Oil has shown to be very calming and relaxing.

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1 review for “Face Up” Clay Facial Soap

  1. Michelle Kori Disney

    Love the clay facial soap. I have an oily face I have been using the one you sent me and it is amazing!

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