Italian Hill Giant Ivory


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Full garlic flavor, this is a hard neck garlic of the Porcelain variety.

Uses and Recipes

Italy Hill is a good choice for pesto, the rich full flavor enhances any dish calling for garlic.

Origin and History

I have not been able to find out much about this variety. Seems that it originates, or at least has been made popular from the Finger Lakes region.

Italy Hills Giant White Garlic from KMB Farms

AT KMB Farms we grow all our garlic in a natural and sustainable way as possible. Each clove is hand planted in soil that is free of pesticide, herbicides, fungicides and petroleum based fertilizers. We use compost sourced from local Horse farms, Manure is rich in sulfur compounds, providing the nutrients needed by the garlic to produce the allicin. Weed control is done with the use of a corn starch based plastic that is biodegradable. We use organic fertilizers and harvest by hand. The garlic is cured for 3 weeks, cleaned sorted and sold fresh.

Growing Italy Hills Giant White Garlic

Italy Hills Giant White has done reasonably well for us at KMB Farms. Grow as you would any other Hard neck Variety. Please see our how to grow garlic page for more details.

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