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Music garlic is a favorite for many people. It is an all-around garlic, has heat, but not too much, has complex garlic flavor when raw, that does not disappear when cooked. It is a hard neck garlic of the porcelain variety.

Uses and Recipes

Large cloves lend this garlic to roasting on the grill, and then spread the resulting garlic paste onto your steak! The complex flavor begs to be included into your sauces, add to your white sauce for shrimp linguine! Sautee it with some sweet peppers and onion. Music truly is an all-around garlic.

Origin and History

This variety was grown in Italy, and introduced to Canada when a gentleman named John Music immigrated in the 1800’s. The story goes that Mr. Music sold his garlic at local markets and was a big hit with local shoppers. To be honest, we never really know how true some of these anecdotal stories are, but I always find them interesting, and if nothing else it makes you stop and think of the long history garlic has with civilization.

Music Garlic from KMB Farms

AT KMB Farms we grow all our garlic in a natural and sustainable way as possible. Each clove is hand planted in soil that is free of pesticide, herbicides, fungicides and petroleum based fertilizers. We use compost sourced from local Horse farms, Manure is rich in sulfur compounds, providing the nutrients needed by the garlic to produce the allicin. Weed control is done with the use of a corn starch based plastic that is biodegradable. We use organic fertilizers and harvest by hand. The garlic is cured for 3 weeks, cleaned sorted and sold fresh. The seed garlic we offer is the top sized bulbs, the culinary garlic is somewhat smaller but just as flavorful.

Growing Music Garlic

Music is forgiving to the gardener. It has always produced for me, better than other varieties regardless if I neglected it, or we had bad weather. It goes without saying, the more pampering and attention you give it, the better results, but with music, if you get delayed it won’t hold it against you, much. Please see our planting instruction page for more details on how to grow.

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