Pink Himalayan Salt Soap



Handcrafted, natural Pink Himalayan Salt Soap scented with Patchouli Essential Oil. Produces a nice, creamy lather. This soap will last longer in the shower because of the mineral content from the salt. We love it for it’s moisturizing and exfoliation attributes!

Pink Himalayan Salt Soap, sometimes known as spa soap because of its skin loving benefits, contains trace minerals and a unique ionic energy. It’s known for reducing soreness, skin re-hydration, ridding the skin of toxins, and improving circulation. It may also aid in reducing odor by breaking down the bacteria of perspiration.  This moisturizing soap softens and exfoliates. It cleanses without clogging pores and leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

Our pure handcrafted Pink Himalayan Salt Soap is all natural and chemical free. Contrary to some beliefs, Pink Himalayan Salt Soap is not drying. In fact, this luxury salt soap helps to maintain proper fluid/oil balance and prevent dehydration leaving your skin soft and smooth.

KMB Farms Pink Himalayan Salt Soap

We at KMB Farms make our soaps in small batches using responsibly sourced ingredients. We strive use ingredients that have promising benefits.  Our handcrafted Pink Himalayan Salt Soap is made with the following all natural ingredients;

Coconut Oil – Studies have shown that Coconut Oil may kill harmful microorganisms on the skin, reduce inflammation, have benefits for acne, and work as a moisturizer. In cold process soap, it creates a harder bar and helps produce more lather.

Olive Oil – Olive Oil has been used on the skin since ancient times, It is believed that Cleopatra was a fan. Studies show Olive Oil applied to the skin can help prevent signs of photo-aging and sun damage. Olive Oil is also good for breaking down waxy substances such as waterproof mascara.

Castor Oil – There is limited research on the use of Castor Oil on the skin, however anecdotal evidence claims anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and cleansing properties.

Lard – Anecdotal evidence suggests Lard is good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tones the skin, and reduces dryness.

Patchouli Essential Oil – The name “patchouli” is believed to mean “green leaf” in the Indian Tamil language, where the shrub thrives. Patchouli is a member of the mint family. Patchouli has been used in traditional medicines and ceremonies for many years and in many cultures. When included in a cleansing bar, patchouli oil can act as an anti-fungal, antiseptic and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Used for scent, Patchouli is good for dry skin and is said to aid in relieving eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Patchouli is a natural skin healer and may help lessen the appearance of scar tissue. As with any type of natural oil, it is important to be certain you don’t have allergic reactions. Please, if not sure, test on a small area before using.


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