“Suds” Handcrafted Beer Soap



Introducing “Suds”, our natural, handcrafted Beer Soap. “Suds” Beer Soap was created with our own home-brewed beer! We use beer in handcrafted soap because it adds many attributes to the final soap bar. The hops in the beer have skin-softening amino acids and the brewers yeast is said to have antibacterial properties as well, which may help fight against acne. Beer gives this soap a nice thick lather and a creamy “feel” on your skin. This is increased by the combination of skin-loving oils used. This Beer Soap is multi-purpose and, in our experience, can be used as a facial, body, or shaving bar. It’s alcohol and calorie free! It’s unscented. Give our Beer Soap a try and experience what a difference using a natural, handcrafted soap can make!






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