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Thai Purple is a variety of Hard Neck Garlic Originally from Thailand. It is a Turban Type Garlic with Strong heat that increases in intensity after first bite. Strongest when raw, cooking will mellow out the spice.

Uses and Recipes

As with all Hard Neck Garlic Varieties, the flavor is stronger when compared to soft neck varieties like you find in stores. Thai Purple is good in stir fry dishes adding a strong but not overpowering spicy garlic flavor. Use it in any recipe that calls for garlic and enjoy the extra punch this variety will add.

There are many studies, and anecdotal evidence that speak to the value of garlic for health benefits. The health benefits are attributed, for the most part to the Allicin content of the garlic. Allicin is the compound that provides the flavor and heat to Garlic, the more the plant produces the Stronger the flavor. Allicin is activated in the bulb when it is cut or crushed.

Using Thai Garlic raw, minced, mashed or pressing it will maximize its pungent hot flavor, roasting or sautéing it will mellow it out slightly. Pairs well with pork and chicken dishes and works well with bold spicy flavors.

Origin and History

It is believed that Thai Purple originates for an area near the Azerbaijan border and made its way to Canada out of Bangkok Thailand. Garlic is an important ingredient in Thai cuisine, and has roles in Buddhist culture. The word Garlic comes from Garleac, and Anglo-Saxon word meaning “Spear Leek”.

Thai Purple from KMB Farms

AT KMB Farms we grow all our garlic in a natural and sustainable way as possible. Each clove is hand planted in soil that is free of pesticide, herbicides, fungicides and petroleum based fertilizers. We prepare the beds by tilling in organic compost sourced from local horse farms and then covering the beds with a corn starch based plastic that biodegradable. We fertilize with organic fertilizer and inoculate the soils with micro-organisms to enhance the microbiome in the soil. At harvest time, we hand dig with broad fork for most of the harvest. The garlic is cured for 3 weeks and then cleaned and sorted for you. We sort the garlic by size, the larger bulbs produced are used as seed garlic, somewhat smaller bulbs are used for culinary, and the smallest are smoked, dehydrated and used in our smoked garlic powder.

Growing Thai Purple Garlic

Thai Purple seed garlic requires the same growing conditions as other varieties. It doesn’t do as well in the more southern states that get an early hot summer. Best crops are planted in fall and harvested when one third of the leaves have turned brown. Please refer to our growing instructions for more detail on how to grow Hard Neck garlics. Thai Purple will have small to medium bulbs, will store 3-5 months when cured correctly, not as long as some other varieties, so use this on first in your recipes.

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