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“KMB” Is Us—Kathie & Mike Boyce

Hi there! We’re Mike and Kathie Boyce. Welcome to KMB Farms where nature is our neighbor!

We have a dream of leaving the big city, buying some land, and just enjoying the simple life. Some of that dream has become a reality. We bought land in Virginia and are slowly moving toward the day that we will leave life as we know it behind and start our new adventure!

It is important to us that we produce our products naturally without any pesticides or chemical additives. All of our fruits and vegetables are pesticide-free, our hand-made leather goods and knives are made from genuine hides and wood, and our soaps and personal care products are as close to nature as you can get.

We want to take you back to a time when things were basic and pure from nature. We drank and ate from gourds, used bones for sewing, made our own leather goods, and used simple ingredients in our soaps.

We don’t sew with animal bones anymore, no longer make our soap over an open fire with just lye and fat, and our gourds are a little fancier. However, we use materials that are close to nature as possible in all of our products. They are grown and produced by us…Simply homemade and right next door to nature!

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KMB Farms – Mike and Kathie Boyce
Scottsville, VA

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