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Handcrafted soap is made with a generous amount of Shea butter which is easily absorbed into the skin. Shea butter is also known for creating a longer lasting bar of soap with lots of conditioning lather. Heavy cream is added which makes this soap extra luxurious and moisturizing.

Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea Butter is derived from the nut of the karate tree, native to West Africa. Shea Butter was used by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, who credited her beauty to the use of this product. It is one of the best natural moisturizers, containing vitamins A and E and F, along withfatty acids. The fatty acids and plant sterols are reported to be good for wounds and burns and may help reduce scaring.

KMB Farms Shea Butter Cream Soap

We at KMB Farms make our soaps in small batches using responsibly sourced ingredients. We strive use ingredients that have promising benefits.  Our Shea Butter Cream Soap is made with the following all natural ingredients;

Coconut Oil– Studies have shown that Coconut Oil may kill harmful microorganisms on the skin, reduce inflammation, have benefits for acne, and work as a moisturizer. In cold process soap, it creates a harder bar and helps produce more lather.

Olive Oil- Olive Oil has been used on the skin since ancient times, It is believed that Cleopatra was a fan. Studies show Olive Oil applied to the skin can help prevent signs of photo-aging and sun damage. Olive Oil is also good for breaking down waxy substances such as waterproof mascara.

Castor Oil- There is limited research on the use of Castor Oil on the skin, however anecdotal evidence claims anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and cleansing properties.

Shea Butter – Produces a more creamy, harder bar with moisturizing properties. It is believed Shea Butter was first used in Africa to protect the skin against effects of sun exposure. Shea Butter is known as one of the best natural moisturizers. There is evidence that Shea Butter is beneficial for wounds and insect bites due to it being rich in fatty acids and plant sterols.

Whipping Cream- Increases the luxurious feel and moisturizing qualities.



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